Privacy policies


This Privacy Notice (hereinafter the "Notice") establishes the terms and conditions under which Soluá is responsible for the processing of personal data that has been collected on its site


Soluá is responsible for the processing of personal data that has been collected on its site. The purposes for which the data will be used are:

Validations and analysis related to the money laundering and terrorist financing risk management system, the prevention of transnational bribery through the ethics program and all those that Colombian regulations provide; in the transmission of data to the entities that regulate the business in tax and customs matters; carry out internal activities that make it possible to formalize the contractual relationship and manage the administrative, operational or logistical aspects for this purpose; manage procedures such as requests, complaints and/or claims, manage withdrawal requests; collection activities; consultation, storage, sending of communications through text messages and emails, for internal purposes such as audits, developing loyalty or marketing activities; information analysis; data analysis and research to improve products or marketing channels, for feasibility studies regarding new products or services; to keep a consumption history of customers, wholesale customers, e-commerce and in general customers of any of the contact channels; to make offers of promotions, products, services or company news tailored to your needs; keep historical records and maintain business contact; create backup copies of the information of the personal data of the clients and deliver them to other providers, with whom Soluá contracts, in order to store them, protect them and guarantee the protection of the information; for the management of the after-sales service, which implies the sizes, the taking of measures for the arrangement of the purchased garments or for the change of the products, if applicable. In general, the information will be subject to the treatment that is required in order to develop the corporate purpose of Soluá. The above purposes are illustrative and not exhaustive.

Remember that you, as the owner of the information, have the right to know, update and rectify your personal data and, in those cases in which it proceeds, to delete it or revoke the authorization granted for its treatment.

The owner declares that through this document he is being informed that, in the event of the collection of sensitive information, such as biometric data, health, among others, he has the right to answer or not the questions that are formulated and to deliver or not the requested data.

At any time as the owner you can make use of your rights such as knowing, updating, rectifying and deleting personal information, as well as requesting proof of authorization, revoking it, and filing claims with Soluá, who is responsible for the treatment of the data, or initiate the complaint process before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

The email Soluaconcept@gmail.con is the channel established for the attention of requirements related to the processing of personal data.

This document attests to the express consent that the owner grants to Soluá, and states that the current authorization was requested and made known to him before delivering the data, that he freely and voluntarily subscribes once read in its entirety and that It will be in force as long as the owner of the data does not make use of his right of revocation or when the company by legal obligation must keep it in force. We presume that all the data to which we refer is true, complete and exact. However, Soluá may carry out all the actions that are necessary to verify and verify its veracity and accuracy. The foregoing, for the exclusive effect of the contracted legal, commercial or economic relationship.

The authorization is extended to whoever Soluá designates as the person in charge of said treatment, to carry out any of the aforementioned purposes, to carry out actions that allow the development of the purpose that gave rise to the collection of the data or the economic activity of the company. company.